Welcome to First Light Stained Glass, the home of some very special and unique stained glass art objects.

When a telescope is made and the astronomer looks through it, out into the universe for the first time, the light coming in from distant stars and galaxies is called “First Light”.

When I create something new out of stained glass and hold it up to light for the first time (First Light) I get that same sense of awe, wonder, and beauty as the astronomer does. I hope you will feel the same way.

I love glass. Working with stained glass is a passion. I especially enjoy creating unique art. Being creative means that I need to experiment and push the use of flat, cold glass to its limits.

You’ll see photos of some of my work on this site. Please visit the First Light Stained Glass web site frequently; I’ll be adding a Gallery in which to showcase more of my work and I'll be including photos of items for sale.

If you have questions and want to contact me, please click on the contact tab above. Currently some of my work is for sale from my studio and at the following locations:

Milestones Glass Creations
350 Culver Road
Rochester, NY

The Creator’s Hands (starting the end of June)
81 Brown's Race
Rochester, NY 14614

Temple Beth El
139 Winton Road South
Rochester, NY 14618

Temple Sinai (starting in the fall)
363 Penfield Road
Rochester, NY 14625